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The finals of the first Chinese Postgraduate “Beautiful China” Innovation Design Competition were held

From November 24th to 26th, the finals of the first Chinese Postgraduate “Beautiful China” Innovation Design Competition sponsored by the Chinese Academic Degree and Graduate Education Society were held in Jiande, Hangzhou.

63 universities and 127 participating teams participated in the finals road show, with the theme of “Beautiful China”, competing around 4 professional tracks such as environmental space design, media communication design and Jiande theme customized track, and 40 teams were finally selected. First prize, 87 second prizes.

It is reported that this event is a new event in the 2023 China Postgraduate Innovation and Practice Series Competition. It is also the only national event in the series of competitions specifically set up for graduate students in design majors. It has been approved by the Department of Degree Management and Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Education, China Association for Science and Technology Youth Strong support from the Science and Technology Center.

Why did the national-level competition come to Jiande? “On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the implementation of Zhejiang’s ‘Ten Million Project’, the first competition was launched in the fashionable city of Shanghai, blooming in the beautiful and livable Jiande, giving the competition deeper connotation and significance.” Shu, Vice President of the Chinese Academic Degree and Graduate Education Society Huisheng said, “From the ‘Two Mountains’ theory to the construction of Beautiful China, the continuous project of drawing a blueprint to the end requires cultivating more innovative talents. By creating the competition, we hope to encourage graduate students to interpret and spread ‘Beautiful China’ with stylish design works rich connotations.”

According to Yu Hao, secretary-general of the competition and executive deputy dean of the Graduate School of Donghua University, since the launch of the competition on June 12, 5,943 teams and 15,559 graduate students from 304 universities and research institutes have actively participated, with the number of participants ranking among the largest. The top three in 16 themed events of the China Postgraduate Innovation Practice Series Competition.

In addition to the roadshows for each competition, a design work exhibition area was also arranged at the site. Representatives of companies and guests came and went. They could not only “travel” through Yanzhou based on the map guide manual of the work “Playing with Meicheng”, but also saw the unique “Longshan Academy Poet”. “IP image, you can also learn about the environmental space design such as “Camellia Garden-Zhijiang Flower Tea Cultural Experience Center”, and you can also see the wonderful clothing design that combines traditional handicraft flower entanglement with non-textile materials and fish bones.

After fierce competition, works such as “Motion Mirror”, “Jiande Bao Tea·Tea Party” and “Song Yun·You Yao Painting Scroll” stood out in their respective tracks and won the first prize in the competition.

It is worth mentioning that the event also held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between the Chinese Society for Academic Degrees and Graduate Education and Jiande City, the unveiling of the “Dongguan University-Jiande City Graduate Internship Practice Base” and other activities.

“The competition allowed me to see the innovation and creation of young people, and also the infinite possibilities of beautiful China. In the next step, we will make regional cooperation and school-local cooperation deeper and more practical, and further guide students to learn nutrients from practice and make More innovative designs that meet the needs of the times will better empower the construction of a beautiful China,” said Wang Tao, deputy director of the Shanghai Student Affairs Center.

“As a county and city in the west of Hangzhou, how to attract talents in a differentiated manner has always been a question that Jiande has been thinking about. Currently, Jiande is anchoring three tracks of rural talents, innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and e-commerce talents to explore various possibilities for talent-led development.” Said the relevant person in charge of the Talent Office of Jiande Municipal Party Committee.

It is understood that in recent years, Jiande City has continued to expand exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign regions and well-known universities. It has held the “Yangtze River Delta College Students Agricultural Entrepreneurship Day” and “Rural Talent Revitalization and Promoting Common Prosperity Conference” for many consecutive years, and launched nine provinces (cities) Agricultural Maker Development Alliance, “Rural Dreamers” and other talent gathering vehicles. In 2023, we will host the first “Beautiful China” Innovation Design Competition for Chinese graduate students. The China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Society will launch the first “Beautiful China Small Research Cultural and Creative Workshop” in Meicheng Town, Jiande, to help the results of the competition be implemented and transformed in Jiande, and more It releases a strong signal that the city is recruiting and retaining talents with real efforts and sincere efforts.

In the next step, Jiande will also deepen talent cooperation with universities in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, explore the packaging and promotion of trendy activities, fun routes, talent policies and other city features, and provide “one-click access” to considerate services.

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